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The Complete Singles - The 50th Anniversary Collection - 2CD
Cover zu MAMAS & PAPAS - The Complete Singles - The 50th Anniversary Collection - 2CD
Preis: SFr. 34.90
Vö: 8.1.2016 
Lieferzeit: 2-6 Tage
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Medium: CD
Anzahl CD's: 2
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Rock. Pop. Disc: 1 1. Go Where You Wanna Go 2. Somebody Groovy 3. California Dreamin 4. Monday, Monday 5. Got a Feelin 6. I Saw Her Again 7. Even If I Could 8. Look Through My Window 9. Once Was a Time I Thought 10. Words of Love 11. Dancing in the Street 12. Dedicated to the One I Love 13. Free Advice 14. Creeque Alley 15. Did You Ever Want to Cry 16. Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming) 17. Straight Shooter 18. Glad to Be Unhappy 19. Hey Girl 20. Dancing Bear 21. John s Music Box 22. Safe in My Garden 23. Too Late 24. Dream a Little Dream of Me 25. Midnight Voyage 26. For the Love of Ivy 27. Strange Young Girls ***** Disc: 2 1. Do You Wanna Dance 2. My Girl 3. Step Out 4. Shooting Star 5. California Earthquake (Mama Cass) 6. Talkin to Your Toothbrush (Mama Cass) 7. Move In a Little Closer, Baby (Mama Cass) 8. All for Me (Mama Cass) 9. It s Getting Better (Mama Cass) 10. Who s to Blame (Mama Cass) 11. Make Your Own Kind of Music (Mama Cass Elliot) 12. Lady Love (Mama Cass Elliot) 13. New World Coming (Mama Cass Elliot) 14. Blow Me a Kiss (Mama Cass Elliott) 15. A Song That Never Comes (Mama Cass Elliot) 16. I Can Dream, Can t I (Mama Cass Elliot) 17. The Good Times Are Coming (Mama Cass Elliot) 18. Welcome to the World (Mama Cass) 19. Don t Let the Good Life Pass You By (Mama Cass Elliot) 20. The Costume Ball (Mama Cass Elliot) 21. Watcha Gonna Do (Denny Doherty) 22. Gathering the Words (Denny Doherty) 23. To Claudia on Thursday (Denny Doherty) 24. Tuesday Morning (Denny Doherty) 25. Mississippi (John Phillips) 26. April Anne (John Phillips)

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