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Graham Nash
Over The Years - 2 CDs
Cover zu Graham Nash - Over The Years - 2 CDs
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Vö: 29.6.2018 
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Medium: CD
Anzahl CD's: 2
Jukebox-Top40: Platz 16
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Rock. Pop. Folk. Crosby Stills & Nash. *** CD 1 ? The Songs *** Marrakesh Express Military Madness Immigration Man Just A Song Before I Go I Used To Be A King (unreleased mix) Better Days (unreleased mix) Simple Man Teach Your Children Lady Of The Island Wind On The Water (unreleased edit) Our House Cathedral Wasted On The Way Chicago (We Can Change The World) Myself At Last ****** CD 2 ? The Demos *** Marrakesh Express Horses Through A Rainstorm Teach Your Children Pre-Road Downs Our House Right Between The Eyes Sleep Song Chicago Man In The Mirror Simple Man I Miss You You?ll Never Be The Same Wind On The Water Just A Song Before I Go Wasted On The Way (Red = previously unreleased)

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Over The Years - 2 LPs/VinylVö: 31.08.2018 weitere Infos

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