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Next Stop Is Vietnam
Next Stop Is Vietnam - 13 CDs & Book 300 Pages
Cover zu Next Stop Is Vietnam - Next Stop Is Vietnam - 13 CDs & Book 300 Pages
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Rock. Pop. *** CD 1 *** 1 The Kingston Trio: Where Have All The Flowers Gone? 2 The Shirelles: Soldier Boy 3 Marvin Gaye: Soldier's Plea 4 Joe Medwick: Letter To A Buddie 5 Rod McKuen: Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes 6 Peter, Paul & Mary: The Cruel War 7 Dolf Droge: The Infiltration Blues 8 Dwight D. Eisenhower: President Eisenhower warns of a "military industrial complex" (January 17, 1961) 9 Bob Dylan: Masters Of War 10 Jim Reeves: Distant Drums 11 Wayne Senator Morse: Senator Wayne Morse: "We're at war in violation of the Constitution..." (August 2, 1964) 12 Morty Gunty: There's A War 13 Lyndon B. Johnson: President Johnson reports attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin and requests a Congressional resolution (August 4, 1964) 14 Tom Paxton: What did you learn in school today? 15 Mr. Where Is Viet-Nam 16 Phil Ochs: Talking Vietnam 17 The Powell Sisters (Sandy & Sue): Our Daddy's In Vietnam 18 Pete Seeger: The Willing Conscript 19 Tommy Dee: Goodbye High School (Hello Viet Nam) 20 Janie Hemphill & The Tynsions: Teenage Soldier Boy 21 Buffy Sainte-Marie: Universal Soldier 22 Jah Berry: The Universal Coward 23 Barry McGuire: Eve Of Destruction 24 The Spokesman: The Dawn Of Correction 25 The Teachers: We Ain't At War 26 Tom Paxton: Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation 27 Simon & Garfunkel: 7 O'Clock News / Silent Night 28 Private Charles Bowens & The Gentlemen from Tigerland: Christmas In VietNam ****** CD 2 *** 1 William Bell: Marching Off To War 2 Jimmy Jack: Battle Of Vietnam 3 Hal Willis: The Battle Of VietNam 4 Johnny Wright: Hello Vietnam 5 Ray Hildebrand: Hello VietNam (Goodbye My Love) 6 Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours: It's For God, And Country, And You Mom (The Ballad of Viet Nam) 7 Jerry Reed: Fightin' For The U.S.A. 8 Is This A Useless War 9 Barry Sadler: The Ballad Of The Green Berets 10 Barry Sadler: Sgt. Barry Sadler Interviewed By Four Students 11 Lesley Miller: He Wore The Green Beret 12 Craig Arthur: The Son Of A Green Beret (A Childs Ballad of The Green Beret) 13 Barry Sadler: The 'A' Team 14 Staff Sgt. Bob Lay (USMC): Marine's Ballad 15 Jacqueline Sharpe: Mind Your Manners, Boys 16 Morley Safer (from CBS-TV): with Marines at the village of Cam Ne (August 5, 1965) 17 Skeeter Bonn: Off To Viet Nam (In The Green) 18 Sue Simpson: Soldier In VietNam 19 June Black: Postmarked VietNam 20 Mike Thomas: A Fearless Soldier 21 Everett McKinley Dirksen (Senator): Gallant Men 22 Bob Hope: Bob Hope introduces Honey Ltd. while on tour in Vietnam (December 1968) 23 Honey Ltd.: The Warrior 24 Marty Robbins: Private Wilson White 25 Eddy Harrison: Danny Fernandez 26 Eric Burdon & The Animals: Sky Pilot [Part One] 27 Neil Ray: The Medic 28 Connie Francis: Nurse In The U.S. Army Corps 29 Bob Braun & The Hometowners: Brave Men Not Afraid 30 Henry Cabot Lodge: U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, Henry Cabot Lodge: "Sensational results..." (1966) 31 Capt. Ty Herrington (U. S. Special Forces - Green Berets): When The Green Berets Come Home ****** CD 3 *** 1 Arthur Weston: Uncle Sam Called Me (I Got To Go) 2 Shorty Long & The Santa Fe Rangers: Greetings (Uncle Sam Wants You) 3 Richie Kaye: Here Comes Uncle Sam 4 J. B. Lenoir: Vietnam 5 Bob King & the King's Court: The Ballad Of Our Times 6 Lyndon B. Johnson: President Johnson warns that "there will be some nervous nellies..." (1966) 7 Combinations: Hey! Uncle Sam 8 John Lee Hooker: I Gotta Go To Vietnam 9 Jimmy Hughes: Uncle Sam 10 The Prophets: Fightin' For Sam 11 Phil Ochs: The Draft Dodger Rag 12 The Midnight Sons: Draft Time Blues 13 The Monitors: Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) 14 Keith Everett: Conscientious Objector 15 The Flying Burrito Brothers: My Uncle 16 David McReynolds: David McReynolds explains why he burned his draft card (November 6, 1965) 17 Steppenwolf: Draft Resister 18 keine Künstlerinformation: The first draft lottery birth date - September 14 - is announced (December 1, 1969) 19 Verlin 'Red' Speeks: The Red White & Blue 20 Bing Crosby (1903-1977): Psa To Parents 21 Victor Lundberg: An Open Letter To My Teenage Son 22 Every Father's Teenage Son: A Letter To Dad 23 Brandon Wade: Letter From A Teenage Son 24 Dewey Jones: Please Mr. Johnson 25 Becky Lamb: Little Becky's Christmas Wish 26 The Fawns: Wish You Were Here (With Me) 27 Lois & Karen: Army Bound 28 Nancy Nally & Jubilee Wranglers: I Will Wait 29 Ginger & Jean: What's Been Going On (In VietNam) 30 The Dells: Does Anybody Know I'm Here? ****** CD 4 *** 1 Phil Ochs: I Ain't Marching Anymore 2 Jones, Matt & Laron, Elaine: Hell No, I Ain't Gonna Go 3 Donovan: The War Drags On 4 The Fugs: Kill For Peace 5 Country Joe & The Fish: I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag 6 Joan Baez: Saigon Bride 7 Pete Seeger: Waist Deep In The Big Muddy 8 Merv Griffin: Psa Regarding Upcoming 1968 Elections 9 Peter, Paul & Mary: Eugene McCarthy For President (If You Love Your Country) 10 Eugene McCarthy (Senator): Senator Eugene McCarthy speaks on Vietnam (January 1968) 11 Tim Hardin: Simple Song Of Freedom 12 Richard Nixon (President): President Nixon speaks on Vietnam and the future of America (January 1969) 13 Paul Revere & The Raiders: Fortunate Son 14 Moratorium speaker: No More War... (October 1969) 15 Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) 16 Ballad Of Two Brothers 17 Richard Nixon (President): President Nixon complains about "Bums on campus..." (May 2, 1970) 18 Leroy Van Dyke: Mister Professor 19 Richard Nixon (President): President Nixon announces "Cambodian Incursion" (April 30, 1970) 20 Robert Canterbury (Brigadier General): Brigadier General Robert Canterbury, Ohio National Guard, explains what happened at Kent State University (May 4, 1970) 21 Third Condition: Monday In May (The Kent State Tragedy) 22 Barbara Dane: The Kent State Massacre 23 A Kent State student (keine Künstlerinformation): A Kent State student: "They didn't have blanks..." (May 1970) 24 Arthur Krause (Kent State father): Arthur Krause, Kent State father: "Is this a reason for killing her...?" (1970) 25 The Beach Boys: Student Demonstration Time 26 Edwin Starr: War 27 Freda Payne: Bring The Boys Home 28 Martha Reeves & The Vandellas: I Should Be Proud 29 Grand Funk Railroad (Grand Funk): People, Let's Stop The War ****** CD 5 *** 1 Dave Dudley: What We're Fighting For 2 Jack Sanders: The VietNam Blues 3 Derrik Roberts: There Won't Be Any Snow (Christmas In The Jungle) 4 Jimmy Holiday: I'm gonna help hurry my brothers home 5 Ernest Tubb: It's America (Love It Or Leave It) 6 Johnny Wright: Keep The Flag Flying 7 Billy Carr: What's Come Over This World 8 Stonewall Jackson: The Minute Men (Are Turning In Their Graves) 9 Johnny Sea: Day For Decision 10 The Beach Bums: The Ballad Of The Yellow Beret 11 Pat Boone: Wish You Were Here, Buddy 12 WILLIAM Westmoreland (General): Gen. Westmoreland: "Militarily we have never been in a better relative position in South Vietnam." (1968) 13 Jim Bullington: We Are Winning 14 Little Kathy Hoffman: Kathy's Letter 15 Lee Gillson: Dear Mr. President 16 Mark Dauler: Letter From A Boy In Vietnam 17 Garland Frady: Ballad Of The Unknown Soldier 18 Bill Floyd: Freedom's Cause 19 Anita Bryant: Psa For Patriotism By Anita Bryant 20 Bob Withers: "What The..." (Is Going On In Washington) 21 Merle Haggard & The Strangers: Okie From Muskogee 22 Spiro Agnew (Vice President): Vice President Spiro Agnew becomes the outspoken voice of the Nixon administration (January 1970) 23 Tommy Kizziah: Keep Our Country Free 24 Merle Haggard & The Strangers: The Fightin' Side Of Me 25 The Senators: War's Cross 26 Matt McKinney: Ballad Of My Lai 27 Mike Wallace (CBS News): interview with Paul Meadlo about My Lai (November 24, 1969) 28 Thom Parrott: Pinkville Helicopter 29 Terry C Company & Nelson: Battle Hymn Of LT. Calley 30 William Calley (Lieutenant): Lt. Calley found guilty of crimes at My Lai (March 29, 1971) 31 The Adams Brothers: The U.S.A. Soldier 32 Free Blue: Set Calley Free [Part 1] ****** CD 6 *** 1 The Doors: The Unknown Soldier 2 Hugh X. Lewis: War Is Hell 3 Morley Safer (from CBS-TV): report of a death in the jungle (October 12, 1965) 4 The Southern Bells: VietNam 5 Gayle Parker (Seargent): Waitin' For The V.C. To Come 6 Hank Snow: A Letter From Vietnam (To Mother) 7 Tommy Finch: Street Without Joy [Part 1] 8 Lindy Blaskey: Out Here In VietNam 9 Keine Künstlerinformation (A Soldier): A soldier writes home from "Hamburger Hill" (May 1969) 10 Donovan: To Susan On The West Coast Waiting 11 Colleen Lovett: Freckle-Faced Soldier 12 Tony Scott (Rap) (geb. 1971): The Gentle Soldier 13 Inez Foxx & Charlie: Fellows In Vietnam 14 The Shelletts: My Soldier Boy Over There 15 Ric King: The Return Of A Soldier 16 My World Ended In South VietNam Sweetheart 17 Zabka: And They Were Five 18 Earl EPPS: 4:00 A.M. In Viet Nam 19 Gene Wyles (Captain): Follow Me 20 John Laurence (CBS News): interview with a G.I. about "Suicide Walk" (1970) 21 Don Meehan: Sir, My Men Refuse To Go 22 Paul Revere & The Raiders: Run Through The Jungle 23 Glen Campbell: Galveston 24 Jimmy Cliff: Vietnam 25 Richard Nixon (President): President Nixon sets out his "Vietnamization" policy (November 3, 1969) 26 Lefty Pritchett: Vietnam Rotation Blues 27 Paul Ott: The Soldier's Prayer 28 The Wilburn Brothers: The War Keeps Draggin' On ****** CD 7 *** 1 Hershel Gober: Goodbye Travis Air Force Base 2 The High Priced Help: Vietnam 3 Barry Sadler: Saigon 4 Barry Sadler: Bamiba (Ba Muoi Ba) 5 The Merrymen: Saigon Girls 6 Maggie: Saigon Warrior 7 Unknown singer (keine Künstlerinformation): Battle Hymn Of The Republic Of Vietnam 8 Robert McNamara (Secretary of Defense): comments on the war's progress (1964) 9 Dolf Droge: McNamara's Band 10 Dolf Droge: Southeast Asia's Disneyland 11 Bill Ellis: Grunt 12 Hershel Gober: Six Klicks 13 Hughes "Radioman" George: Ballad Of The Uss St. Francis River 14 Jim Bullington: Brave Boys 15 Jim Hatch: The Men Of Mag-16 16 Dave McKay: I Fly The Line 17 Tony McPeak: Phu Cat Star 18 Toby Hughes: Tchepone 19 The Merrymen: Army Aviation 20 Bull Durham: Jolly Green 21 Keine Künstlerinformation (AIR CHECK: AFVN Clip): "This is the American Forces Vietnam Network, where the hits just keep on coming...." (off air, November 1970) 22 Paul Revere & The Raiders: Armed Forces Radio 23 Paul Revere & The Raiders: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place 24 Chris Noel: Introduction To "a Date With Chris" (Afvn Dj Afrts Program 57-A) 25 Peter, Paul & Mary: Leaving On A Jet Plane 26 Johnny Cash: Singin' In Vietnam Talkin' Blues 27 Chuck Rosenberg: Boonie Rat Song 28 I've Been Everywhere 29 Played Around And Stayed Around Vietnam Too Long 30 Bill Ellis: Freedom Bird ****** CD 8 *** 1 Phil Ochs: The War Is Over 2 Plastic Ono Band (MFSL): Give Peace A Chance 3 Bobby Bloom: Sign Of The "V" 4 George Jay: The Real Silent Majority 5 Sam Lightnin' Hopkins: Please Settle In Vietnam 6 Winding The War Down / McGovern-Hatfield Amendment To End The War 7 Bobby Zehm: Johnny's Not A Toy Soldier 8 Henson Cargill: Pencil Marks On The Wall 9 Coast: Why (A Peace Medley) 10 Melanie: Peace Will Come (According To Plan) 11 People!: Chant For Peace 12 Marvin Gaye: What's Going On 13 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 14 Arlene Harden: Congratulations (You Sure Made A Man Out Of Him) 15 Richard Nixon (President): President Nixon: "i Call On Hanoi To Release All Pows..." 'off-Air' Radio (1971) 16 John Canty (Captain U. S.A. F.): Mia/Pow (Prisoner Of War Song) 17 Carpenter, Norma Jean & Adam, Bobby: Prisoner Of War 18 Nancy: I Promise I'll Wait 19 Richard Nixon (President): President Nixon: "Peace with honor in Vietnam" (1/23/73) "Off-air" radio 20 The Nu Page: When The Brothers Come Marching Home 21 John Laurence (CBS News): A cease fire has come.... (1/27/73) 22 Bob Glover: The Story Of Vietnam 23 Reports On Pow Releases (February 1973) Afvn 'air Check' 24 Billy Holeman: Prisoner Of War (Welcome Back Home) 25 Eldon Fault: Welcome Home Pow ****** CD 9 *** 1 All Of The Above: The War Is Over 2 David L. Cash: We Are Glad That Our Boys Are Coming Home 3 Bill Moss & The Celestials: Welcome The Boys Back Home 4 Mick Lloyd: A Long Long Time Ago 5 Robin St. Pierre: Ballad Of The Plastic Prince 6 The Audition: Returning Home From Vietnam 7 William Jr. Dr. Truly: (The Two Wars Of) Old Black Joe 8 Wallace Terry: interviews black fighting men in Vietnam 9 Kenny Rogers & The First Edition: Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town 10 John Prine: Sam Stone 11 Keine Künstlerinformation (News Broadcast): Hanoi Hannah News Broadcast Excerpt, Courtesy of the U.S. National Archives (1966) 12 Roger McGuinn: Hanoi Hannah 13 Jane Fonda: Hanoi Press Conference Excerpt Courtesy of the U.S. National Archives (1972) 14 Leon Rausch: Hanoi Jane 15 The Covered Wagon Musicians: Napalm Sticks To Kids 16 Gordon Sinclair: The Americans (A Canadian's Opinion) 17 Charles Ashman: An American's Answer (To Gordon Sinclair) 18 Jimmy Carter: Text of President Jimmy Carter's pardon for draft dodgers (January 21, 1977) 19 Bob Aden: True Red White & Blue Never Run (Amnesty Be Damned) 20 John Paul Brennan: Vietnam 21 Tom Paxton: Born Of The Fourth Of July 22 Cold Chisel: Khe Sanh 23 Mike Callender: Soldier Of 'Nam 24 Charlie Daniels: Still In Saigon ****** CD 10 *** 1 10 Maniacs: The Big Parade 2 Johnny Anthony: Long Black Wall 3 The Statler Brothers: More Than A Name On The Wall 4 Redgum: I Was Only 19 (A Walk In The Light Green) 5 Paul Hardcastle: 19 6 Pete Kennedy & Bound For Glory: 19 In Vietnam 7 Huey Lewis & The News: Walking On A Thin Line 8 R.E.M.: Orange Crush 9 The Bellamy Brothers: Old Hippie 10 Steve Earle: Copperhead Road 11 The Dead Milkmen: Beach Party Vietnam 12 J. C. Weaver: Salute The Boys Of Vietnam 13 Stu Huggens & The Sussquehanna River Band: They're Still Heroes Today 14 Fred Parent: Song For The Unsung Soldiers 15 Reggie Gates & Tim Nowland: Bring 'em On Home From 'nam 16 Joleen Benoit: The Forgotten Man 17 Cathy Winter: The Vets' Song 18 Jeffrey D's: Veteran's Song (Welcome Home) 19 Pat Murphy: Combat Vet ****** CD 11 *** 1 Hoyt Axton: Cowboys On Horses With Wings 2 Old Crow Medicine Show: Big Time In The Jungle 3 Bruce Springsteen (geb. 1949): Galveston Bay 4 David Ball: Riding With Private Malone 5 Paul Revere & The Raiders: Ride To The Wall 6 Big & Rich: 8th Of November 7 Billy Ray Cyrus: Some Gave All 8 The Peacemakers: Vietnam Foreign Correspondent 9 Yanah: The Girl In The Picture (Napalm Girl) 10 Wes & Victoria: Ballad Of Billy Saigon 11 David Rovics: Song For Hugh Thompson 12 Alan Haynes Ross: Back In Vietnam 13 Pete Seeger & Friends: Bring Them Home 14 Paulette Carlson: Thank You Vets 15 Pat And Sons Garvey & Daughters in Touch: Sons And Daughters 16 Hank Williams Jr.: Don't Give Us A Reason 17 Chip Taylor: Theme For An American Hero ****** CD 12 *** 1 I Ain't Here Alone 2 Patrick Sky: Luang Prabang 3 Bill Homans (Merry Airbrakes): Quang Tri City 4 Stev: Pretty Place 5 Dick Jonas: Viet Vet 6 Irv LeVine: Get Me Out Of Vietnam 7 'Bubba' Lee Jones: I Didn't Go To 'Nam But I Do Give A Damn 8 Marc Waszkiewicz & Lea Jones: Warspeak 9 Rick Duvall: Johnny Rambo 10 Bobby Lee: I Should Have Been In Tokyo 11 Phil Ferrazano: Bobby's Saigon Boogie 12 Jessie Nighthawk: A.P.O. San Francisco 13 Larry Barkemeyer: Borderline 14 Jim Somers: Dustoff 15 Country Joe McDonald: The Girl Next Door (Combat Nurse) 16 John Black: The Women On The Wall 17 Who Are The Names On The Wall 18 Michael McCann: The Wall 19 Bobby Ross (1st Lt.): Finally Welcomed Home 20 Vietnam: Still Part Of Who I Am 21 John Black: Dr. Fall ****** CD 13 *** 1 Stephen Maxner: Walking Time Bomb 2 Chuck Price: Leroy's Song 3 Sarge Lintecum: This Shirt Of Mine 4 It's Just A Nam Thing 5 Blind Albert: Shell Shock Ptsd 6 Stev: Hot L.Z. (Thorazine Shuffle) 7 Bill Craft: I'm Certified 8 Lonnie Chance: The Jungleman 9 Country Joe McDonald: Agent Orange Song 10 Jimmy Logston: Thanks, Secret Agent 11 Chuck Price: It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over, Over Here 12 Jim Walktendonk: The Claymore Polka 13 Michael J. Martin: VA Shuffle 14 Chris Noel: Forgotten Man 15 Veteran's Lament 16 Larry Barkemeyer: Twenty Years Of Tears 17 Rick Duvall: What Kind Of Men 18 Vettz: American Heroes 19 John Black: Vietnam I'm Dreamin' Dreamin'On 20 Time To Lay It Down (aka The Wall)

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